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I’ll even let you jump my trunk.





Ultimate party.



Interviewer: Give me an example of something he (Richard Dunn) does off-screen that would compete with the creepy old man character he plays on Awesome Show.

Tim: Well, he’s been writing a lot of poems for us lately.

Eric: I got two for my birthday. One of his poems was called “Wet Bush.” He’s actually been getting more erotic with his poetry lately. I told him that’s the kind of poetry I prefer. In a very weird old-man way, he talks about a woman’s vagina and the hair and how he likes it.

Tim: Some of his poems are just pep talks for us. They’ll be something like, “Tim, you’re the best, you’re going to do great/ Don’t worry about it, even if it’s late/ You’ll show up, and it’ll be great.”

Eric: Sometimes he’ll write his poems on the back of a pizza box.